Why I Am Not A Republican

©Paul M. Alvarez 2000-2008


I recently had someone that I have known a long time ask me “Are you still a Republican after everything that's taken place?”  I thought about the question for some time  taking into account all of the negative press the Republicans are hammered with on a daily basis by the "media'. This is my reply.


I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the Republican Party. I have been registered as a “No Party Affiliate” since 1970. I vote for whom I believe is the best candidate. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and others from time to time.


I am now, have been, and expect to continue being a Conservative for the foreseeable future. However, I am not a “Compassionate Conservative”. I have no compassion for stupidity, waste, greed, indifference, incompetence, lying, fraud, corruption, weakness, rudeness, or especially “The Government” as it encompasses all of those traits.   


I believe that Compassion begins at home, not in Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Albany, The Senate, The House of Representatives, the US Treasury, or any other capitol or governing or regulatory body. I contribute to the causes in which I believe not the ones some bureaucrat somewhere feels that I should.


I believe that the Soldier is the Highest Calling and that all of those men and women who have served their country and their people deserve the utmost respect from the rest of us. Any attempt by anyone to harm them is an act of war and any attempt to humiliate them is an act of treason and should be punished accordingly no matter who the culprit.


I believe that this is the Greatest nation that has ever existed. I believe that if not for our enemies within, strangling, undermining, and subverting us at every turn, we would be an even greater nation. I believe that if it were not for America the rest of the world would have destroyed itself by now or sunk into the pits of totalitarian rule.


I believe that the lion is at the gate, ready to destroy us if we drop our guard. I do not believe that our enemies are peace-loving people, that we should try to understand them, understand their religion, or understand their motives. I do not care why they hate us, the fact that they do is sufficient for me. They are our enemies, they wish to kill us, they have said so and I believe them. They should be crushed beneath our boot heels and destroyed at every opportunity. They should be negotiated with only when they are at the point of a bayonet. If that means that we have to torture a few of them or their total annihilation then that is their choice. Our other enemies will respect us more for it.


I want smaller government.

I want a secure border.

I want fewer taxes.

I want to keep more of MY money.

I want a strong National defense.

I want drilling in Alaska

I want more Nuclear power

I want more of every kind of power

I want to be able to defend myself and my family.

I want the Government listening in on our enemies.


I don't care what the Europeans or the rest of the world think of us. Let them fix their own failing economies and provide for their own defense before they start telling us what to do. If not for America the only languages spoken in the rest of the world would have been Japanese, German, and Russian. If they hate us so much why do they all want to come here?


I do not want to surrender to our domestic enemies. Political correctness, racism, sexism, etc. are nails in or National coffin. The rule of the many by the vocal few is digging the grave to put it in. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to not have to listen to it.


I do not want national health care. I don’t want to pay for your health care and I don’t expect you to pay for mine! I choose not to over-eat, smoke, drink, or do drugs. If you do then you should pay for the consequences out of your own pocket not mine. I believe that anyone that thinks that the same bureaucracy that mishandles Social Security and the IRS will do a better job with our health care is a dangerous fool.


I do not want redistribution of MY wealth. Redistribute your own damn money Teddy Kennedy, Diane Fienstein, Nancy Polosi, et al. I don’t need rich politicians telling me how or when or where I should spend my money while they have their hands in my pockets.


I do not want more gun control. The 26,000 currently existing laws are quite enough. People have been killing each other since the dawn of time and they are not going to stop just because the Government says so. The police cannot and will not protect us. It is suicide to expect them to. The career criminals that the corrupt judges continue to put back out on the street and the mental defectives that our system “compassionately” does not institutionalize do not care about the laws. They will not be deterred by more regulations. The only one that has any interest in defending you is you. Yet, the law-abiding citizen is disarmed and left defenseless while armed criminals roam our streets with impunity.


I do not want more taxes (more redistribution of wealth). Far too much money is already misspent on pork, earmarks, useless programs, corruption, kickbacks, and bureaucracy at all levels local, State, and Federal. We could and should eliminate a considerable portion of our bloated government.


I do not want the Federal Government interfering with the education of our children, we can screw up our own educational system, Thank You. We don't need any help from Washington. The educational system in our state is already riddled with corruption, bloated bureaucracy, indifference, and incompetence without adding an additional more expensive layer of the same at the Federal level.


I do not want the Government interfering with the housing market. You made a stupid investment, tough, I didn't because I thought it through and did not succumb to the “get rich quick” greed. I have always paid for my mistakes, you should pay for yours, I shouldn’t have to bail you out.


I do not want a free handout of money from the Federal Government. First off, it is my money they are handing out. Then they are giving it to people that did not work to put anything into the system and that do not deserve it. I would rather that they cut the taxes across the board so that those of us who actually pay taxes get some real relief and those who do not pay taxes get nothing. This is just another redistribution scheme under the guise “stimulating the economy”. It is easy to be magnanimous with other people’s money. And I don't care if the "rich" get a tax-break, they pay more taxes than any other group and deserve a break just like any other tax payer.


I do not want amnesty for illegal aliens. My parents and I came to this country legally on an airplane, learned English, became productive members of this society, paid taxes, never received “aid” or Government hand-outs of any kind, took the tests, swore allegiance to the US, and became American citizens after waiting the appropriate number of years. I expect all other foreigners who wish to live here to follow suite. Or, if you like your country so much more and think that it is so much better than mine then go on back there. The “open door policy” should be one-way, Exit Only.


Gas prices too high? Cut all of the Federal and State excise taxes, sales taxes, transportation taxes, road taxes, and every other tax at every level built into every gallon of fuel that we buy. The Federal and State governments have no vested interest in lowering the price of fuel. On the contrary, when the price is higher, they take in more money that they can then squander. We should be exploring all possibilities for becoming energy independent not just some. I want more oil exploration, more drilling, and more refineries. The possible destruction of a few ducks or caribou does not in any way compare to the destruction of our society and our way of life.


The Republican Party has let me down. The politicians are generally spineless and weak willed. They are willing to sleep with the enemy just to stay in office. They “talk the talk” but they don’t “walk the walk”. They sound good until it is time to actually perform and then they equivocate, compromise, and collapse. The "Gang of 14" was an impediment to progress when the Republicans controlled Congress and we are now reaping the consequences.


The Democratic Party is filled with America hating socialists, it is not the Party of my parents, who were life long Democrats, nor of JFK, he would not have advocated surrender, only Victory! The Democrat Party used to stand for a strong defense and lower taxes, now they stand for racial and class warfare, greed, weakness and surrender. Empty promises of "change" will not alter our future.


The "third party" voters are grossly misinformed. They believe that getting .5% of the vote or less is making a difference. It is only making them a laughing stock. Welcome to reality.


We will continue on the road to perdition until such time as we realize that we need to change the way we think, take responsibility for ourselves, and act accordingly.


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